Case Studies

Major Property Funding: $7.9 million

A Property Company first approached Greenwood & Co in the early days of a large shopping centre project. Numerous meetings and discussions ensued over the next 12 months in what was a complex arrangement involving a recent sub division and some 20 tenancies. The key elements of risk were distilled and presented to the Bank in a clear and concise manner. Greenwood & Co were successful in arranging prime bank funding of $7.9 million. A mixture of fixed and floating rates was chosen to spread interest rate risk with the key loan details as follows:

  • 1/3rd, floating
  • 1/3rd, Fixed for 2 years
  • 1/3rd, Fixed for 3 years
  • No bank up-front fees
  • Interest only 12 months

"Rob's skill set was unusual compared to other finance advisors, as Rob had a clear insight from his banking experience in how to prepare the correct documents and format them for presentation to banks or bankers. As a former banker, he also understands credit and risk and how the credit approval process works within a bank."

Corporate Recovery

This client was referred to Greenwood & Co as a result of legal action being commenced by the IRD to recover long term tax arrears. In addition the client had been placed in the Bank’s "Credit Management" Department. In conjunction with the client’s accountant, Greenwood & Co was able to conclude an acceptable settlement with the IRD. Greenwood & Co presented, quantified and evidenced future cash flows of the business to support the restructure needed to fund the IRD settlement.

Key elements achieved:

  • Prime bank rates
  • Negotiated settlement with IRD
  • Restore banking relationship
  • Future cash flows and Business plan presented and explained
  • Restructure with existing bank on a long term sustainable basis
  • Removed client from the Bank’s credit management department, to "normal" commercial bank management

"Rob was decisive and positive. He managed the issue through to a solution for the client."

Consultancy: Banking & Funding Review

Greenwood & Co attended the client’s office and liaised with their Finance Director to review their overall banking and finance structure. This was done over a period of several weeks. In particular the relationship between profitability, cash flows, and the impact of principal loan repayments/debt maturity profile and the ability to fund growth was explored and quantified. Tools for this analysis were provided to the client, to assist the business on an ongoing basis.

"Rob was very thorough and provided us with a very usable report on our banking requirements."

Startup Business Funding

Greenwood & Co arranged a revolving trade finance line of $300K for a start-up business, whose existing bank had declined to assist them. The key was to prepare budgets and cash flows that evidenced the ability to service the funding sought. It was therefore necessary to approach a new bank with detailed analysis and data to support the business case.

Key elements achieved:

  • Prime bank rates
  • New start-up company for trade with China
  • Business case and cash flows/forecasts presented and explained to new bank

"The experience with Greenwood & Co was great. Rob is very experienced with mortgage and finance packages. He was very friendly, capable and professional. We would recommend Greenwood & Co to any startup, or company wishing to deal with a new bank."